Jonatan T. Wejnold (b. 1997) is a Danish multidisciplinary artist, composer, and sound designer based in London. He received a BFA from The Art Academy, Bergen (2021) and an MA in Contemporary Art Practice (Critical Practice) from the Royal College of Art (2023). Wejnold has worked extensively with animation, sound, and filmmaking. He often creates immersive narratives in multimedia installations, exploring a region of thought between human imagination and empirical reality.

Jonatan T. Wejnold's work has been exhibited and showcased internationally. His film Quantum Crows & Watery Mementos (Act I) was screened at Tate Modern in London in March 2023, while his sound work has been featured on Montez Press Radio (2023). Wejnold also presented a live performance in collaboration with artists Blake Hart-Wilson and Hogrui Liu at Staffordshire Street Gallery (2023). His immersive installations and moving image work have been exhibited at Kunsthal Aarhus (2022) and Galleri FI4E at KODE (2021) in Bergen.

Jonatan T. Wejnold received the KP-Prize in 2022 for his film Dear Rock of the Real World.

Wejnold has received bursaries from Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Augustinus Fonden, Niels Boserups Mindelegat, William Demant Fonden, Aage og Johanne Louis Hansens Fond and Familien Hede Nielsens Fond.

Jonatan T. Wejnold's practice takes inspiration from modern behavior in a digitised world. With a deep fascination by our way of encountering, both within a digital framework and in our everyday lives, he is constantly seeking out new ways of exploring our engagement and creation of identities in modern-day life, where there is a continuous increment in the valuation of digital and virtual engagement. Wejnold's practice revolves around prejudices of sensual behavior, often delving into the transitional space between empirical reality and human imagination, challenging the tendency to perceive it as an "either/or" dichotomy linked to the technological developments in encounters and perception in contemporary society. He explores technology as expansive environments and aspires to create an interchange station of simultaneous breakdown and endorsement when entangling human cognition with digital worlds.